At first blush, Grindcore House looks like any number of coffeehouses in central Philadelphia, New York, Boston, etc--tiny with limited seating. This particular cafe, however benefits from a larger seating area in the back, and it is entirely worth walking back there to see more of the unusual decor on the walls, and the bulletin boards. The cafe embraces its ambiance even in the wifi password, which is a reference to a grindcore band.

The coffee is from Counter Culture, a coffeehouse staple up and down the coast--perfectly acceptable, but nothing to write home about. I was fortunate to stumble across a couple of single-origin brews, but blends are what the cafe is usually serving. Only drip, no pour over.

This being Center City, parking will naturally be a challenge to find, but once inside, there are a few outlets and fast wifi, making Grindhouse a
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