A few options came up when I googled for Cali coffee, and after finding a blog that claimed that Cafe Macondo has the best, I decided to make the trip through the city's notoriously heavy traffic, and the 30 minute journey was completely worth it.

I did not realise at first, however, just how much I would love this place, which seemed at first blush like a rather tiny space, a bit cramped. The Chemex-brewed coffee was excellent, some of the best I'd tasted in Colombia, and my cousins were duly impressed by the barista's presentation.

It was only as we were about to leave, when I noticed a poster displaying a calendar of upcoming films, that Cafe Macondo's secrets were rewealed. I asked the barista where these films were screened, and she led me through a doorway and into a whole new world.

This cafe is actually far from tiny! Behind that door lie several more rooms, including a private one that can be reserved for parties of up to six people, and all the way in the back is a small FILM AUDITORIUM!!! It only seats a couple of dozen, but still, this is the first indie coffeehouse in the 700+ that I've seen that includes a theatre, and I was truly impressed.

Beyond that, the decor throughout the space is beautiful, so much so that my mother commented that this would be a good place for her to spend an evening with my father.

I simply cannot wait to return to Cafe Macondo, both for the coffee and the ambiance!
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