I've been seeking out indie coffee for five years now, so I'm genuinely surprised that I had not yet checked out any Little Rock artisanal cafes, at least not until today.

Because I forwent driving up to Tulsa last night, opting to have a more relaxed drive to Atlanta, I was able to pop into Mylo Coffee, a cute little coffeehouse in a part of town that I'd like to see more off.

They roast their own coffee, offer an expansive food many, and have an aesthetic that seems to be a mix of minimalise and decorative, with the highlight being a mural inspired by the local neighborhood.

I had a natural-processed light Costa Rican roast, and while I cannot say that I was on fire about it, the friendliness of the baristas, and the overall wibe of the place guarantee that I will return one day, especially if I'm with Lisa, because she would love the mochi donuts.
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