Starbucks has pretty much abandoned Detroit--there is only ONE company-operated store within the city limits, BUT fortunately, craft coffee still has faith in the city, and newly-openeed New Order Coffee has to be one of the single cutest coffeehouses that I have EVER seen!!!

Besides the beautiful, bright decor, New Order stands out because they are one of the few cafes I've encountered using a Mod Bar, for their pour overs. For the regular coffee they also use something unusual, a Franke machine that I had never before seen. It produces a coffee that is not quite as thick as espresso, but not as liquidy as filter coffee. I discovered that by adding water, I was able to get it to a point that I really enjoyed. Ironically, I actually enjoyed their Case Study blend (with the water added) more than I did the single origin Guatemala.

The space is large, with a lot of white in the decore, which, combined with natural light from the picture windows, gives the cafe a bright ambiance that I loved. The decor is fairly minimalist, EXCEPT for these really cute touches throughout, including the assortment of merch that just screams kawaii.

All the baristas that attended me were quite friendly, especially Willa, whom I had already met hundreds of miles away at Menagerie Coffee in Philadelphia--I really get a kick when I encounter these random connections during my coffee travels.
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