All Day is just a few blocks away from another multi-roaster, Vice City Bean, but this coffeehouse has a great many more roaster options, including, when I wisited, Ruby, Kuma, Camber, Parlor, and Intelligents!

The space is not huge and was a little crowded when I arrived on Friday afternoon, but for those who wish to do some work, there is are counters next to the bar with outlets underneath, as well as fast wifi. Locationwise, the big drawback is that the parking outside requires Pay By Phone.

Both drip coffee and pour over are on the menu, and I enjoyed an excellent cup of the Ruby Ethiopia Reko, and a pretty decent Kalita-brewed Colombia from Camber.

As you know, I'm a huge fan of multi-roaster coffeehouses, and I expect All Day to be a regular go-to for me.
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