Since I started exploring indie coffeehouses, I've made good headway in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, but I've neglected San Antonio--through happenstance, my trips through the city have either been rushed, or in the evening.

This time around, I only had one new Starbucks to see, so I headed downtown first, early enough to stop at Rosella, a roaster that I'd heard mentioned a couple of times.

Wibrant, lively space, with plenty of ambient lighting in the patio or downstairs seating (near the doors), lots of tables and outlets--when I arrive the place was chock full of students and businesspeople alike. Also, it's not right in the heart of downtown, so parking was easy and free.

Unfortunately for me, my only single-origin option was a Chemex pour over, and a pricey one at $5.95. I chose the lighter one, an Ethiopia peaberry, but it still a little too dark for my tastes. I'd like to give Rosella another try, but I'll need to remember to call in and ask what they are serving.
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