The roast that I had from Vero Beach's Rio Coco, an Honduran called Blue Mountain, was a bit darker than I'd prefer, but it was still good, and Rio Coco has a lot going for it.

First and foremost, the owners and baristas were quite friendly and helpful, and even after I had my coffee the owner came over to make sure that my coffee was okay. A few minutes later, a barista came over with a sample drink.

The cafe is across from the airport, on a street that appears more industrial than retail, but once you walk inside you definitely get a friendly cafe wibe, with plenty of decorations throughout.

Rio Coco does offer a pour over, but I had their batch brew, which is unusual because it is prepared in a custom creation that they call an "air pot" and is similar to a French press.

Definitely look foward to stopping in again during my next trip through this area.
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