After six years of pursuing independent coffeehouses and the lighter, more artisanal coffees that they tend to serve, it was about time that I looked for one in Saskatoon, and I was quite pleased that I selected Collective Coffee.

Coincidentally, they were serving a Colombia from Phil & Sebastian. While the drip of a Colombian roast, Guarnizo Brothers, that I'd tried at Phil & Sebastian's own cafe in Calgary had not impressed me, in Saskatoon I needed time to recharge my dewices, so I waited for a pour over, a difference Colombian roast, from Huila this time, and I found it to be quite excellent!!!

The space itself seems a little cramped to me, unless one sits outside, but I really enjoyed chatting with the barista/manager/owner--he indulged me in coffee chatter for as long as he could, til his girlfriend beckoned him outside.

Because of it's remoteness Saskatoon is not an city that I will wisit often, but the next time I pass through I will be sure to rewisit Collective Coffee.
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