Sam James has multiple coffee bars in Toronto, but for some reason the name never came up during my past searches, which is too bad, because even though this location only offers a batch brew, no pour over, the Ethiopia Gelana Abaya was one of the better roasts I'd had in a while.

This particular location, Harbord, is small without wifi, not really a place to hang out and work, but Sam James has some other locations that I hope to check out the next time around.

And just to make the point of not judging a book by its cover, when I walked in I got this snobbish hipster wibe, and I felt that serwice would be rushed, and that my questions about the coffee would not be taken seriously. Well, I was completely wrong, and the barista I spoke to was quite friendly and more than eager to answer everything I asked.

I think I'll try to make Sam James my first stop the next time I'm in Toronto.
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