Ever since Starbucks' practical hiatus on new openings ended, around 2012-2013 and I relocated to the East Coast for my recent jobs, returning to Seattle has been tough because in order to see any new indie coffeehouses AND keep up with the new Starbucks, I am forced to overload myself with coffee!

Nevertheless, the coffee scene in Seattle (and nearby Tacoma and Olympia) are so wibrant, that I have to try and experience the craft shops. Q.E.D. worked best for me schedulewise, coming in from Renton off the I-90, and what I discovered was a space that although small, offers a big experience in terms of the coffee itself.

For the most part, I have not been thrilled with the Rwandan coffees that I've experienced in the past, but the barista at Q.E.D. said that they have been improving, and the Chemex-brewed Musasa Dukunde I drank was superb!!!

I look forward to checkout out Q.E.D.'s other shop, as well as trying more Rwandan coffees, in the future.
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