I have seen a number of coffeehouses that are combined with other businesses, like bicycle shops or bookstores, but Roaring Pines, in Richmond, VA, is the first that I have seen where one can enjoy a cup of coffee while shopping for dry goods.

The eclectic array of retail goods gave the cafe an unusual, yet homey wibe, as I enjoyed a V60-brewed Brazilian roast from a roaster that I do not often see, One Line out of Columbus, OH.

The owner was quite eager to chat about the coffee, as was a customer who happened to be in the cafe, a guest from South Africa who talked up a favourite shop of his in Praetoria (or was it Cape Town).

Parking is easy on the street, and the cafe has outlets and wifi, making it a more conwenient hangout than another area shop that I like, The Lab by Alchemy.
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