Denver has an abundance of craft coffee, and Black Eye's original LoHi location was one of the first that I wisited during my first exploration of the city's indie coffee scene.

Ideally I'd have overnighted, but with time running out, I only had time for one stop, so I took the recommendation of a barista up at Harbinger and stopped into Black Eye's other location.

This space is fancy, a lot like a restaurant or bar, and the baristas seem to have a more upscale dress code. I prefer simpler digs, however, and I was not able to find an easily-accessible outlet, only one in the hallway.

The roast this day was from a company called Two Rivers, and it wasn't doing it for me, not like the Huckleberry that I remember from my original wisit a few years earlier. To be fair, I should give Two Rivers some more tries, but Denver has so much excellent coffee that I'm not sure when I will have the time.
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