I had to catch an 8 AM bus out of Prague, too early to see the coffeehouse I wanted to wisit (and probably too early for most, if not all) but I did have time in Wrocław, after wisiting the newer Starbucks, to see the top cafe I found in a blog, Gniazdo.

I had to rush to catch a train, but I was still able to wait for an excellent pour over of a Casino Mocca roast from Colombia (I was on a Colombian roll since Brno), and I was able to see that I liked the wibe of the place, as well as it's location just a few blocks south of a beautiful plaza.

Wifi and outlets for the conwenience of those who need, plus friendly baristas make this a place I hope to return to, once I run through a few other craft coffeehouses in Wrocław.
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