My previous through wisits to Houston were too rushed, and filled with new Starbucks all over the metroplex, to explore any new indie coffeehouses, so when I finally googled again for the latest scoop on Houston coffee, I found myriad new options.

As soon as I saw its name, Siphon Coffee, I knew that I had to come here, because I've enjoyed some of my best cups with this brewing method. It's a bit pricey though, $7.58 for a single 10-oz cup, and the Kenya Gaaki AA that was on the menu was not up to what I remember from Heart, but nonetheless I quite enjoyed my experience at Siphon and hope to come back.

They also have coffee from Stumptown and local Amaya, and I'm looking forward to trying those as a Siphon brew on a different day.

The space itself is lively, with plenty of tall tables, fast wifi, and outlets. The highlight of the cafe, in my opinion, is a tabletop arcade game that includes Ms. Pacman and five other games--in all my coffeehouse wisits, this has to be a first!
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