Of the half dozen independent cafes on my map, I wanted to make sure I got to Cafe Devocion because I had already been to their shop in Brooklyn, where I filmed an interview for that Cooking Channel special.

I almost did not make it, because I also had to wisit a cousin in the opposite direction, and traffic in Bogota is pretty horrible, but fortunately the cafes in this city tend to close late.

Like Azahar (and many of the other Colombian cafes, I imagine), Devocion offers table serwice, and this particular cafe is pretty upscale, perhaps because it is attached to the Hilton and a fancy restaurant. Perhaps because of this, the hostess did not allow photographs, which I found disappointing.

The coffee itself, was even better than the cup I remember from Brooklyn, and I even took back a bag for a coworker, who prepared some pretty enjoyable French presses back at the office. I need to remember to get back to Devocion the next time I'm up in NYC, because they have some excellent beans!
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