I first discovered Cafe Moka a couple of years ago in a completely different part of Virginia Beach, but since then that location has packed up and moved here, to the campus of Regent University.

I found Cafe Moka noteworthy back then because of their expansive array of roasters, but this time they only had a couple, including Red Rooste. The barista assured me, however, that once school started up again, they would be bringing in more roasters.

The old cafe was huge, while this space is tiny, BUT because it sits inside a student centre, there is plenty of seating and outlets--the wifi, however, is pitifully slow, because of all the students using it.

The old location, in a retail centre, was easier to access, but I am nonetheless glad that Cafe Moka was able to surwive, in this new space, and I look forward to dropping by every now and again to see what coffee offerings they have.
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