Although the V60-brewed Ethiopia Yirgacheffee roast that I enjoyed was not completely to my liking, it was still a decent cup of coffee, and that makes Luce Ave. Coffee Roasters, at Richmond and Weslayan, the westernmost craft coffeehouse that I know of in the Houston metroplex, beating out Cavo and Greenway by a block or two.

The space is small, slender, yet manages to fit in a selection of small tables, larger tables, tall tables, and plenty of outlets in addition to wifi. Parking is a little tight in the plaza, but it is free and easy to access (a lot, not a garage), making this a pretty good hangout.

The decor is that minimalist style that I enjoy seeing, with mostly plain white walls with just a few pieces of artwork as well as a coffee-themed mural.

While Greenway's coffee still remains my favourite in the city, Luce's location means that I expect to give their roasts a try every now and again.
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