As has become my habit, I googled for "best coffee" as I drove towards Spokane, and I when I went to the Vessel Coffee Roasters website, they appeared to be the real deal.

Boy howdy, are they!

The Ethiopia Danbi Uoddo that was on drip was one of the best cups I'd had in weeks, outside of Portland, and Vessel instantly jumped on my list of roasters to keep an eye out for.

The owner, Sean, happened to be there, and I had a chance to chat with him a bit while charging my equipment and taking a break from the long drive. He was super nice, had some interesting stories to tell, and gave me some tips on other coffeehouses to check out.

The space is large, minimalist, and reminded me a bit of the wibe that I enjoy down at Coava in Portland--I look forward to returning when I can, and also to finding their roast at other coffeehouses.
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