In the half decade plus that I've been pursuing craft coffee and, about once or twice a year, wisiting my hometown of Houston, I've wondered how long it would take for decent coffee to branch out from the more central parts of the city and towards the Southwest side, or at least nearby.

Greenway Coffee, was my nearest option, but parking in Greenway Plaza is neither easy nor free, and the cafe has limited hours and is inside a food court that lacks the ambiance that I see in the space to hang out.

Well, less than a year ago, Cavo Coffee arrived, in an upscale retail plaza on Richmond, with large picture windows, a selection of tall and short tables, wifi, and a few outlets. There is also free parking in one of the garages, making this quite a good place to hang out and work or socialise.

As for the coffee itself, their mainstay is Amaya, a local roaster that I'm not a huge fan of, BUT they also carry Heart, an excellent roaster out of Portland. Unfortunately, their only by-the-cup option for filter coffee is a Siphon, which tends to be pricey. They charge $7+tax, not a terribly expensive price, but still an amount that someone on a limited budget would have to think about.

I realise that this particular part of Houston is upscale, and there is no shortage of clientele who can afford the Siphon price, but I suggested that they add a less expensive V60 option.

That minor complaint aside, I am thrilled to death that I can now hop on I-69 and get some decent coffee much more quickly than when I had to drive down Westheimer and into the city's core.
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