I discovered Scout & Company in Burlington years ago, and I quickly came to count on them for great coffee whenever I was in Burlington (not often)). By some crazy coincidence, the owner, Tom, happened to be down in Melbourne, FL, a few months ago, and recognised me at Anaya Coffee. During our chat he mentioned the new Winooski cafe, and I made a mental note to pop in when I could.

I finally had time, because I finished up early in Montreal and blaze down to the border, and fortunartely did not get pulled in for a wehicle search or immigration. The Vivid Coffee that was on drip, a Peruvian roast, was spot on, and I left disappointed that it was too late in the day to try the George Howell or Heart as a pour over.

The space is modest, with enough tables, outlets, and wifi to serve as a workspace if necessary. Decor is neither minimalist nor cluttered, with a selection of local art and decorations that does not feel oppressive. Also, situated in Winooski's main square, the location is great.

I still need to wisit Scout & Co.'s third cafe, but I do look forward to returning to Winookski when I can.
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