Back when I was exclusively Starbucks, finding early coffee on Sunday mornings was never a problem because most of their locations open no later than 7 am.

When I began exploring craft coffee, however, I often found myself running late for Scrabble tournaments, because many indie shops, especially in smaller cities, do not open until 8 or 9 during the week, and even later on Sundays.

Even in a large and bustling city like New Orleans, many of the cafes open later on Sunday morning, so I was happy to discover that Cherry Espresso opens at 7. This cafe is around 20 minutes west of where I needed to park for my tournament, so an 8 am opening would have put my schedule in jeopardy.

Anyway, on to the cafe itself...

Cherry Espresso uses Portland's Roseline as it's standard house coffee, but they also bring in guest roasters, and on this morning I was able to enjoy an excellent pour over of an Ethiopian roast from Ruby, a Wisconsin roaster that I enjoy.

The cafe is spacious, a good place to work, with plenty of room, both regular and tall tables, and also electrical outlets and lots of free parking out on the street. I cannot remember if they have wifi or not, because I was distracted by a neat coincidence, an encounter with a former barista at Slipstream in Washington, D.C. He recognised me from my numerous trips to that cafe for Madcap coffee, and recently he had moved down to New Orleans and started working for Stumptown.

Meeting people has always been one of the things I enjoyed most about Starbucking, and the same applies to my exploration of indie coffee houses.
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