Been a couple of years since I had coffee from Greenway, my favourite Houston roaster, and while I could have gone to their cafe, or Blacksmith, at any point, I wanted to catch up on new cafes.

Fortunately, I was able to do both by wisiting Morningstar, which bills itself as a donut shop but also offers Greenway coffee, either as drip or using the Gold Cup brewer (or espresso).

Parking is a bit tight, but if you can find it, there is plenty of seating, including tall tables, and a fairly sparse, but not minimalist, decor. There is a gym next door, and in the hour I was there I saw plenty of seeming gymgoers walk in, making me wonder if they were going for the coffee or the donuts.

The Curtis-brewed drip coffee (they call it Daily Black) that I had was a Colombian roast, and unfortunately it was not up to the standards that I remember from past years. I need to return and try a brew from their Gold Cup, as well as reconnecting with the other Greenway-serving cafes in the area, to see if their coffee still does it for me.
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