I became a fan of Render Coffee, their original South End location, when I was working in Cambridge, so I was quite pleased to learn that they recently opened a downtown location, easy walking distance from Boston Common, where I was watching a film while waiting for my flight to Oslo.

Also pleased to discover that they have gotten away from Counter Culture and are now serving Tandem, and also Gracenote, which they occasionally had back in 2014.

Despite being downtown, this location is surprisingly large, and also well-decorated. I could have gotten Gracenote at their storefront, not far away, but that space is tiny and not suitable for hanging out and working. This Render cafe, on the other hand, has a tall counter for me, next to an outlet, and their a community wifi network.

Oh, and of course there is the allure of being in downtown Boston, always a plus if I don't have to worry about parking my car.
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