It had not occurred to me to seek out craft coffee in Troy, NY, but as I finished up a hearty lunch at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Troy, Lisa Brown asked me if I wanted to look for some, so I did some googling.

I came up with Superior Merchandise Company, and I was quite pleased when we popped in and discovered the combination of a coffee bar with a retail space (lifestyle design shop, as they call it), hawking an electic assortment of items--music, books, gifts, etc.

The space, though beautiful, lacks wifi, and possibly outlets as well (I forgot to check), but the coffee is most definitely interesting. They rotate roasters in and out, and while there I had a chance to try some pretty good coffee from Charlotte's Hex and also a roaster new to me, Little Wolf.

Since the Albany region has about four Scrabble tournaments a year, I expect to be a regular at Superior Merchandise Company, in addition to my older Albany staple, Stacks Espresso.
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