My schedule for this trip is pretty tight, because of all the new Starbucks that have opened recently, but I do not travel through the Panama City area that often, so I HAD to make some time to find craft coffee.

Amavida has three locations, so I chose the one most directly along my route, in Rosemary Beach, and when I arrived I was pleased to discover an Alpha Dominche machine, because my memory is that I've had some good coffee on the few occasions that I've encountered that brewer. Ironically, however, I actually enjoyed the Fetco-brewed sample, of a natural coffee from Ethiopia, more than the A-D brew.

Both were good, regardless, and the cafe itself is cute, sharing the space with a small clothing boutique. Plenty of seating, though, electrical outlets, fast wifi, and parking.

No idea how wide their distribution is, but I hope I can try more Amavida coffee in the future.
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