Costa Rica is one of the most stable and secure countries in Latin America, and, as I expected, they seem to have a hipster scene, and also a third wave coffee scene.

Cafeoteca came up during a search, but, just as I expected, they did not open until later in the morning, so I was already a little coffeed out by the time I tried their Chemex-brewed roast, of a Costa Rican bean, naturally. Good, but not popping with flavour as I would have hoped, though. HOWEVER, the barista/owner sensed that I was really into coffee, and before we left he offered us a sample of a second roast, and this one was excellent!

The cafe itself is quite pretty, sharing some space with a market called Kalu. I loved the decor, as well as the eclectic choice of music, and Lisa Brown loved the comfortable seats. The location is in a relatively quite neighborhood, with plenty of parking on the street.
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