On the way to Asheville to pick up two new Starbucks, I called a fellow Scrabble player from the area to ask if he knew of any new indie cafes that I should see. Brett recommended several, and I settled on Trade & Lore because they serve Mountain Air, and I thought I remembered having a good experience with that roaster.

The cafe is on Asheville's Wall Street, a pedestrian awenue, and parking nearby can be hard to find. Nevetheless, the entire area is cute, and well-worth the effort.

The space is large and decorative, and the two baristas (owners?) were quite friendly and eager to discuss the coffee. I regret that by that point in the day, I was in a hurry to get my passenger to Baltimore and could not stay longer.

Next time there's a Scrabble tournament in Asheville, Trade & Lore will be my first stop for a cup of joe.
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