I prefer not to drink coffee in the evening, but because Montreal indie cafes open so late on weekends, I had to check out Cafe Perko on Saturday night or miss my chance altogether.

I'm glad I popped in, because I had a chance to try a local roaster new to me, Kittel, and experience a cup of coffee that was solid, even if it did not knock my socks if. I only drank half, because of the hour, and I'm please to say that its taste held up overnight.

The cafe itself is goodly-sized, spacious, with a clean decor and plenty of natural lighting. Plenty of tables, tall counters, outlets, and wifi, but free parking in the area requires walking a few blocks.

The barista who served me was super friendly and happy to talk about the coffee, and I hope I can find the time to return to Cafe Perko one day.
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