A couple of years ago I wisited a coffeehouse, and roaster, called Good Coffee, in Portland, OR, and I supposed I should have expected that it was only a matter of time til I encountered a cafe named Bad Coffee.

This coffeehouse, in Costa Mesa, CA, does not roast, which means that they have a golden opportunity...

To start carrying Good Coffee--that would be a hoot!!!

Anyway, like nearby Hopper & Burr, this cafe also has a minimalist wibe, if not quite as sparse as Hopper, and not as large either. On the other hand, they do have a parking lot.

When I arrived, they were carrying coffees from St. Frank's and Color, like Hopper & Burr, plus an East Coast roaster, Brandywine.

Really nice baristas/owners, and an all-around friendly atmosphere that I hope to reconnect with in the future.
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