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If you have a child here or plan on sending your child save the headaches and run away. The manager is the worst she's always asking for money for the kids activities that I never get to see. The place is dirty and in the time my child was there most of the time I picked her up or showed up at a time they weren't expecting me my child had soaked diaper..... Not to mention she lost a pinking nail and they couldn't explain what really happened. I should I reported them the but they begged me and kept saying how sorry they were..BS!!!! also they are always closed....2weeks for winter break.. are you kidding me this is not school!!! Today was the day the straw broke the camels back... we dropped her off and they called to say they were shutting down bc the ac was not working. I got there around 10 am to find my child again in wet clothes bc pee leaked threw her soaked diaper and her cheeks were super red. I saw the other kids and felt so bad...mind you they have a daycare across the street that they could had kept the kids in the mean time... boy I can go on and on.... I hope I changed you mind and saved your child.
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