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I've been spending the day working through the pile of ant photos I took this December in Australia. Here's one of my favorites, a throw-down between Rhytidoponera victoriae and Amblyopone ferruginea (a species I don't believe has been photographed alive before).

More here:!i=1744029108&k=4vdMkFg
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Edward O. Wilson is my all time favorite American. He would LOVE this photo! :)
Wow +Alex Wild this is an amazing shot! Great angle and perfect timing! And you couldn't ask for better contrast between the two ants!
Great shot Alex, I tried chasing some ants in Fla. and it's hard work I am always amazed at what you find and photograph.
Ant warfare. It's like medieval combat. Only more vicious.
That's true, +Ernest W. Did you notice that the black ant is missing part of her right antenna, and the red ant most of her left hind leg?
and finally who won? (nice picture)
but anyway good job...your mother must be so proud
You did amazing! Both me and my grandmother, my best friend, loved this. 
That's awesome. I never knew ants fought like that
now those are the Ultimate Fighters Challenge. Beautiful shot
i'm fond of taking photos like this one! hats off to the photographer! :D
All great ant shots. Ants are hard, as they don't ever stop and pose. As someone who has grown up in Queensland, I really only have enmity towards one of our ants, the green headed – common, aggressive, painful little buggers.
HI! I am a retired Technical (medical) photographer and can only say what an absolutely stunning shot. The depth of field is astounding in such a macro pic. The colour, contrast and sense of action amazing.
I would love to know more about camera, lens, exposure etc
Congratulations for capturing such a rare event. As an Australian I can't help but see the similarities between this scene and Australian politics at the moment
how did you get it so close, its perfect!
Nice! This definitely brings out the art of insects! Thanks for sharing!
hukum rimba siapa yg kuat di yg menang
hukum rimba siapa yg kuat di yg menang
hukum rimba siapa yg kuat di yg menang
Zen Hok
they are kissing e.e
D danT ddant dead ant
those names are hard to say and even mt little sister or older brother couldn't pronouns it
hahahhaah they meet enjoy keeeee hahahhaha
Imagine if they were the size of elephants? I think our beautiful world would be diff if we'd to fight these creatures like a spider on the wall.
Zen Hok
they are kissing
This is an amazing shot! I love it <3
It look like the Ultimate Warrior Challenge (UWC).
So much motion in this photo! I feel like I am watching a Jiu Jitsu match.
gorgeous photographs. the colors and textures of the various ants are brilliant. thanks for sharing these.
Hey Alex ..its really an ordeal to even get a view of such a pic ..the efforts that goes into such a pic understood ,
I am newbie..could you please share the settings of your cam used for the shot
Awesome, and I thought the fire ants we have where I live were bad. :)
wow such an amazing photo. They are quiet scary looking as they battle to the death, if it wasn't for the fact i could smash them with my foot. Seeing creatures in such a vivid take how ever will make me think twice before stepping on one again.
I Love That Pic.:)
Your photos special and a credit to your talent. Thanks for the share.
We have the weirdest creatures down here!!! Are they similar to bull ants cause they are viscous!!!!
Did u get bit crawling about waiting for the perfect shot.
yes great shot..but sad is Black ant lost one antenna tip..:(
Mat Lee
Wow that is so cool 
reminds me of Empire of The Ants... amazing capture!
awesome. Brings back memories from my childhood. Black and Red ants were always having battles. I'd watch them for hours.
That is some awesome photography.
this is look great.
thanx Alex for this pic.I had never seen this before. its my favourite
Beautiful. The zoom is amazingly stunning. 
life in action. some of the simplest things are the most real
woww..... i cant take my eyes from this amazing pic.....
butuh kesabaran untuk hasil yg sempurna natural sekali
butuh kesabaran untuk hasil yg sempurna natural sekali
good photgraphy which is self narrating itself
which len did u use to take this photo?
Wow, I didn't expect G+ to pick this image up and run with it! Thanks for the commentary, guys.

+Andrew Rock The ant to the left is in the same genus (Rhytidoponera) as the pesty green-headed ants, although this species is smaller and less aggressive.

+Jonathan Zee If you look in detail at Google's image search results, you'll see the live ant images returned for "Amblyopone ferruginea" are different species, especially A. pallipes. Thus, this appears to be the only live photograph of Amblyopone ferruginea indexed by Google.

For those with questions about the equipment:

Canon MP-E 65mm 1-5x macro lens on a Canon EOS 7D
ISO 200, f/13, 1/200 sec
Diffused MT-24EX twin flash
Wow!...Amazing!..I did not realize, that google is just like facebook!...I am new, in this kind of entertainment...At first, I did not understand...I am learning!...This is great!...A lot of people, making comments about the two ants, kissing!...Great job!...
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