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Alex Wild

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An ant walks into a bar, and the bartender says...

...why the long face?

(Camponotus mirabilis, from Peru)
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+Seth Burgess​, I see what you did there. =) 
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Alex Wild

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We often think of Army Ants as being denizens of distant tropical jungles, but several species can be found as far north as the central United States. I photographed this Neivamyrmex nigrescens raid recently in Carmel Valley, California.
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Always good stuff, +Alex Wild !
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Alex Wild

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This portrait of a fire ant, Solenopsis invicta, is a new public domain contribution from the Insects Unlocked project at the University of Texas at Austin. 

If you use images of insects for your websites, books, blogs, classes, talks, posters, or papers, consider paying it forward by supporting this open science imaging project:
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+Alex Wild, did you happen to work with Stew Clark and/or Tom Kraatz? 
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Alex Wild

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The world does not need more photographs of bees on flowers. But I've done another one anyway. This is a Lasioglossum sweat bee visiting a spiderwort in the back garden.
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I love all the bee photographs. Lovely. :)
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Alex Wild

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Spring is in full-force here in Austin, and the paper wasp foundresses are out gathering wood shavings from which to build their nests. Here's the stunningly-colored Polistes exclamans, caught in the act of scraping the fence in our back yard this afternoon.

Also, wasps are wonderful animals. The "wasps are mean" meme just makes me sad, especially since most of my most... memorably painful social insect encounters have been with various bees and ants, rather than wasps.
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Fantastic shot! 👍
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Alex Wild

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You don't want to know how many times I got stung taking this field shot of a fire ant queen, Solenopsis invicta.

Bastrop State Park, Texas.
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The book Fearless about Navy SEAL Adam Brown had an EPIC 🔥🐜sting story!!! 😂😂😂 I have never heard of crazy 🐜s... This is an EXCELLENT👸🐜pic!!!😊👏👏👏
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Alex Wild

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A Polistes exclamans (!) paper wasp foundress guards her first brood. Austin, Texas. 
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Habari .its a nice picture i hv a qu.hw do yo photographing an ant
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Alex Wild

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With one day left in the Insects Unlocked crowdfunded campaign for public domain media, we have set a goal not for money, but for participation. So far, 174 donors have supported the project. That's great!

But, we can do better. We'd like to make that 200 by the end of the day- even if your donation is just $1.

Why? Well, $1 on its own helps, of course. But looking forward to when we begin seeking institutional grants for a permanent imaging center, the size of our small donor base will demonstrate that a public domain resource will be widely used. Think of your small donation as a vote for open entomology images.

#copyright   #opensource   #insects  
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Mr. Wild,  I own Why-U-Buggin Pest Control and have for a year now. Online not knowing about websites I created my own and framed a photo of a harvester ant on my site. I did not go into your page but I typed in Copyright Infringement free photos of harvester ants and it pulled up several photos including the one I used. I am sorry and took it down as I received a letter from your lawyer requesting me to take it down and pay a 1,000 fee. Please Mr. Wild do not sue me or fine me as I am new in business, just filed my taxes and I am struggling to feed my kids and wife. Please again I am so sorry.  Thanks Why-U-Buggin Pest Control- Jimmy Hank Spivey
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Alex Wild

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The world is not covered in dead animals. This is because, in part, insects dispose of the bodies. Here, Crematogaster laeviuscula acrobat ants work a meadowlark that has fallen in Austin, Texas.
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They are hard at work I see.  Great!
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Alex Wild

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Fantastic to see the photography site PetaPixel featuring our public domain project!
A team at the University of Texas is set to create thousands of macro photographs showing the beauty and diversity of the smallest critters in the state of
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Alex Wild

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I am pleased to report that the Insects Unlocked project to crowd-fund public domain arthropod images is more than 60% funded, not even a week into a month-long campaign. Your support has been generous and unexpected- thanks so much!

To celebrate, over the weekend I created some new public domain images for the project, including this 60 image focus-stack of a Brachygastra mellifica Mexican honey wasp. Click the image to view large- it's worth it to see the details.

If you'd like to support more images like this, consider contributing at the link:
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Hello  Alex wild you probably don't know me im the person with , my brother actually added pictures to my website and did not even think, that they belonged to you or anybody, so im personally saying im sorry for the intervene. it wont happen again. i took the pictures down. I just receive a notice today and i took it down today.3/24/15 I've been open for 2 years now and still learning as i go. If you had a question or even a phone call i would've taken it down along time ago. Again sorry. 
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Alex Wild

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We at the University of Texas Insect Collection are extremely pleased to announce the launch of Insects Unlocked, a crowdfunded campaign to produce insect images and videos for the public domain.

If you blog, use social media, write papers, make posters, or engage in outreach, you may have a need for open, high-resolution, copyright-free science imagery. With your contribution, we'll make it happen.

#copyright   #science  
Help UT Austin raise $8,000 for the project: Insects Unlocked. Even $1 can make a difference!
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You can also use our interactive images on your website or blog, just email us

Did you see our exhibit booth at ESA2014 in Portland and 2012 in Knoxville?
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