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The Google Life of d20 Sapphire

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There are a good number of you that I've missed in my nerdy life, but I wish to ask: Who's going to GenCon? It looks like I'll be going for my first time this year, and I'm pretty damn stoked to see how crazy and awesome it is.

So... anyone?

I forgot to menion on here that I'm moving closer to the city at the end of April, so I look forward to becoming part of civilization.  :D

Let it be known that I love my job, I just don't like all the things my job has me deal with... like difficult people.

Thinking about venturing into a tumblr blog of sorts... I need to write and these days I mostly have time for quick writing. 

I am a proud nerd that was never super invested in sports, but I do love me some football... and DAMMIT SEAHAWKS STEP UP YOUR DEFENSE!

Oh wait you just did!  YES!

"I speak Hoochie-Goochie-Vagina-Grabbie."

Said at my table top Star Wars game.

My mother regrets not telling Morrigan in Dragon Age that she is a shrewd bitch.


My future husband is getting into the habit of schooling people on Facebook with science.

"This fruit juice has formaldehyde! "

"Interesting, so does every apple and pear ever, naturally occurring. Your point being?"

I'm marrying the right man.

Just used PEMDAS method of equations st work and taught it to my employee. I guess 7th grade math did stick in there somehow.

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