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Sonia Sly
Sly on the Wall is an exploration of ideas where clothing, art and design triggers memory, emotion and sometimes odd humour.
Sly on the Wall is an exploration of ideas where clothing, art and design triggers memory, emotion and sometimes odd humour.

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@Docedge offers a powerful selection of films - Plastic China is one of them. #documentary #China #waste #children #labour #poverty #environment

[T]he best kinds of films transport you directly into the world of its characters and Plastic China does that right from the get-go with children playing in a tunnel of plastic scraps and rummaging through vast piles of recycled waste in the opening…

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There are times when you want to make a statement but something stops you along the way...

[S]ometimes you want to shout from the top of your lungs and use every ounce of breath to speak your mind and get some stuff off your chest. Instead, you keep your lips sealed but you kick yourself later. “Damn it! Why am I such a lame ass?” This is what…

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Many Bags Make Light Work #EmpireofGenius #newlabel #Wellingtondesigner #leatheraccessories #luxury

[M]any bags make light work and if you’re anything like me and you’re forever foraging around in a bag so deep that you might lose an arm in the process, then look no further. Empire of Genius is a cool new luxury label, and Wellington designer Tymone…

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Out of the Vortex: When you find yourself unexpectedly in a brand new skin.

[I]’ve just crawled out of a vortex where I’ve been navigating treacherous terrain. And every time I made an attempt to escape I was sucked back down and the vortex swallowed me whole. That is…until I cracked the code.   Does this sound crazy? Maybe. And…

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Navigating a nightmare in 'Denim Heaven or Hell.' #review #denim #Levis #501s #petite

When it comes to denim I flit between dressing like I’ve never seen a pair of jeans before to literally wanting to wear them all day, every day. With denim you can make them your own and it’s true that the best pair will sometimes feel like a second…

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Weighing in on Trash TV #TheBachelorNZ #review #opinion #column

Am I going to weigh in on The Bachelor NZ? That would be admitting that I actually watch it, right? Shows like this and my all time favourite, ‘Married at First Sight’ are my one guilty and now not-so-secret pleasure. It’s embarrassing but I promise you…

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Aries Giveaway on my blog! #print #illustration #AnnaMcKayArt

[I]’ve always been one to shy away from my own birthday, but it’s so different when celebrating someone else’s. Birthdays should definitely be about doing things that you love with the people that matter most to you. I like to celebrate mine in a low key…

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Social issues, rugby and glamour at iD Dunedin Fashion Week

[D]unedin rallies around iD Fashion Week as one of its major annual events, and this year was no different with a diverse audience ranging from grandmothers to students, all eager to see fresh looks down the runway at the Dunedin Railway Station. A few…

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Yearning for the past and long hot Canterbury days: #outfit #zambesi #WellMadeClothes #ethical #CelesteTesoriero #TheServiceDepot

[T]he sun is going down and casts a gridded shadow across our driveway. It’s summer and the sky is marbled with sorbet coloured clouds. In the distance, I can hear the sound of waves crashing onto the shore and it reminds me of the pipis that we went…

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There are some things you should do at your own risk especially... #outfit #ootd #CherryLuk #genderneutral #culottes #storytelling

[I]t’s awkward being stuck in the in-between. It’s like listening to a song that only plays to the middle — and repeats — or watching a movie that cuts to the credits before you’re even half way through. There’s no satisfaction. No feeling of experiencing…
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