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R. S. Breth
Running loose in the Ozarks.
Running loose in the Ozarks.

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Deer, Duck, and almost everything else is done. Time for cold water Bass and Walleye.

I saw a decent sized Whitetail Deer just run across the Finley River Bridge here in downtown Ozark.
That's different.

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Creekin' in the Ozarks...

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Win a Kindle Fire. Geez, I'll take it.
Ok, I've got one extra Amazon Kindle FIRE left, and its too late to return it. So I'm giving it away!

How to win the brand new, unopened Amazon Kindle FIRE in only two steps:
Step 1) Do you have me in one of your circles? Great. Check that one off the list...
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That's it! You're entered to win, and I'll ship it to you ANYWHERE.

Wait, you want more chances to win? Ok, I'll tell you what:
- One extra entry if you leave a comment telling me WHY you want it.
- One extra entry if you Subscribe to our Livid Lobster newsletter!

You'll find the newsletter subscription form here:

I'll announce the winner on Geek Beat LIVE on Friday Jan 6 (basically in a week), and then here on Google+. Good luck to all!

PS - Damn, I love to give stuff away. Wait till you see what I'm planning in the new year... ;-)

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I have to go to Gaston's this season.

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