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Jesse Hayworth
Quirky country comfort reads for romance lovers
Quirky country comfort reads for romance lovers

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Seriously, what is that smell?
So yesterday morning, while my brain wrestled with a plot-and-character problem in Revision One of the Mess In Progress, I invoked one of our favorite post-baby purchases: the Shark dust buster. We call it the Remora--'cause, yanno, it's a little shark.  Th...

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The Great Nano Hangover
On Saturday, I had a strange, out of body experience as I watched myself weep into my husband's chest, wailing, "It's no use! If I don't want to f*ck him, why should she?!" And I thought, WTF?? The "he" in question is the hero of my current mess-in-progress...

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GIVEAWAY: Animal rescue, sexy contractors and book recommendations ahoy!
Every now and then, I put on my extrovert costume, pack a couple of cool jackets and a pair of cowboy boots, and head off to a writers' convention for a few days--bonus points if it's being held somewhere fun. Mostly, though, I go to meet people--book lover...

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Kitten v. bucket of paint … Doc Jess loses
So it started out innocently enough, as these things tend to do. Arizona and I have been trying to come up with a plan to improve the baby proofing in the bathroom, where we lack a vanity cabinet and have only open shelves for storage, but don't want to inv...

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The Grossest Thing I Ever Ate
When coming up with a new character's backstory--the stuff that I need to know about a person that might never appear on the page, but that I need to know in order to live inside their head while I'm writing--I ask myself all sorts of questions. Like: Where...

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I wish I'd thought of that ...
Just a short one today, ReaderFriends, as my mom is staying for a few days to do grandma stuff with Wallaby and let me get in some good chunks of writing time. Yay! But I just had to say … The other day, our usual biking spot hosted a road race, which made ...

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Executive Decision and Sad Cat
Hola, ReaderFriends! With a busy week staring me down, a book that needs writing, and an hour of nap time in which to write, I'm going to work on the book rather than blogging this week. Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see you next week.  To make it up to ...

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The Best Short Dino-Erotica Published Last Wednesday
Have I mentioned that I'm a geek? Well, I am, and I was reminded of that fact this morning, listening to the radio while building towers of random crap for Wallaby to knock over (rinse, repeat). Said the morning show hostess on the radio: So, there's a new ...

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How DID you do that to yourself?
Back when I was in my early twenties, working as a landscaper (long story), I sprained my wrist. Upon arriving at the restaurant for a night out with friends, sporting a wrist brace, I got the expected "Uh, oh. What did you do?" Me: I was pushing a wheelbar...

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I confess: I need a tube in my toilet paper
The other day, Arizona, Wallaby and I were doing the weekly grocery shopping. Or, rather, Arizona and I were doing the weekly shopping, whilst octopus-baby (who is now big enough to ride in the cart as long as it's got a working seatbelt) did his best to pu...
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