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Writing aides
We all use them and they come in many shapes and forms.  Having taken a week away from my WIP, I returned to it this morning and, as always, found it difficult to get going again.  Writing romance is a bit like being in a relationship - absence may or may n...

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I suppose Spring is a natural time for change, more so than any other season, and this month has seen my temporary job ending - along with winter it seems - at Lake Vyrnwy nature reserve.  One of the most stunning locations in the UK, it is beautiful no mat...

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Reading outside the Lines
Are you like me, reading primarily within the genre you want to write?  Harlequin Mills and Boon publish several and diverse lines, from historical to suspense, medical to nocturnal.  Having been aiming at the Line that most interests me - Presents or Moder...

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As someone who doesn't normally make New Year resolutions, this year I find myself making several and, while I aim to keep all of them, top of the list is to complete a book. I once blogged here about the importance of always finishing a book  (April 2016 )...

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Wishing you all a festive season filled with peace, love, friendship and joy . . .  . . . and a year of high hopes and fulfilled dreams in 2018.   Melissa x

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Where I'm At . . .
Well, blogging again, obviously, after several months away for various reasons. And writing again, albeit slowly, again after several months away for various reasons.  Sometimes it is necessary to step away from your dream and rethink how much you really wa...

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Daring to write!
I've just submitted my first chapter and synopsis to the Mills and Boon Dare Blitz.  This is a new line Harlequin are launching in February next year and they are looking for UK based authors - so if you like writing hot, sexy and explicit modern romance ch...

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Self Belief is Everything!
Being a big cricket fan, I've spent today listening to the Champion's Trophy final between India and Pakistan. Against all the odds and everyone's expectations, Pakistan won, and by a huge margin, beating probably the best one-day team in the world.  Often ...

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A new job
May has always been a month of change for me. Perhaps it's the gentle turning of late spring into early summer, and the weather recently has certainly felt like it!  As I said in my last post, I've decided to return to part-time work in order to devote more...

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The Practical Challenges of Being a Writer
I often think of this quote from Virginia Woolf as, like many other aspiring authors, I try and juggle life and writing every day.  Because no matter how committed one is to one's dream, a living has to be made all the same.  I've been lucky enough for the ...
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