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Going a little Old School Today.
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An amazing story of creativity and purpose! I was deeply moved by this man's story and his medium is so unique. h/t to +Melanie Fischer for sharing this with us.

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With the increasing popularity of drones, the news loves covering the fear factor - our potential loss of privacy. What they're not showing us are some of the insanely amazing images from artists who use drones as a medium.

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They're so FUZZY!
Been fun watching these American Avocet chicks grow up. Just last week they were little fluff balls.  Starting to grow very fast now

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The concepts Mike discusses in his post are important fundamentals for photographers to understand in any situation, not just long-exposure conditions.  So of long-exposure is not your bag, you'll still find some great info in this short and easy to grasp blog post.  Thank you +Mike Berenson for making this available!
Mike's Super Long-Exposure Cheat Sheet

Years ago, I was a little surprised to see that a simple task like shooting a 30 minute long-exposure image was so challenging.  Sure, I could shoot with a long shutter speed, but to get the exposure settings right meant having to try it once and then adjust and repeat, adjust and repeat…

I really wanted a way to figure out exactly what settings I needed without taking all night to do it!  So that's what I did, only I found two ways to do it.

I'm sharing what I found with the community so I invite you to come see for yourself and share with friends.


Night Photography Workshop in Arches & Canyonlands National Parks in August (1 of 6 spots available)

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#jpgphotogallery by +Christopher Prins
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Today we are celebrating our 38th year in business!  To celebrate, we have some great specials lined up for you; look for those soon. If you're in the area, drop in and help us party with yummy stuff.  Meanwhile check out all the groovy duds in this pic from a throwback party we held on our last celebration. 

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