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Front cover from my new cookbook! Available August 

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‘The Dinner Book’, which is the first in the ‘Take 5 and Cook’ book series, proves that 5 ingredients are all you need to create fabulous, quality food. 

Also, if you buy THE DINNER BOOK before it arrives on 1 August 2013 we will include a fabulous Take 5 Apron, for free, with your order.


May is spring in some countries, but it’s autumn where I am.  After many long months the final draft of TAKE 5 AND COOK – THE DINNER BOOK, has been sent to Bob The Printer.  He’s ready.  He’s poised.  He will send me a proof and give me a date for when the books arrive in New Zealand. Various long-overdue celebrations will be had.  I have a personal date with a bottle of champagne.  

We will be delighted to take orders for pre-sales of this hardback book full of great photos, 120 fabulous recipes, and tips.  Those who are happy to pre-pay will be gifted a clever thing as a thank you.  We are planning on an apron as a gift with every book. We are searching for a quality product at this very moment.  We will also be offering two super-prizes, one for the person who purchases the most books in the period before they delivered in NZ and two for a purchaser who will go in the draw to win something special – again in the period before the books are delivered. 

Good things have happened this month.  I am happily writing for a new magazine SuperPower on the subject of Food, Life and Love but mostly with the emphasis on food.  The magazine is available online and in airports, booksellers and supermarkets in NZ. I am to be interviewed by the editor for the next issue, which is all about Entertaining.  There will be excerpts in it from TAKE 5 AND COOK - THE DINNER BOOK – entertaining recipes and recipes for entertaining, along with tips for hosting a successful dinner party and how to be the perfect guest.  

At the end of this month my right hand man Aston will be off on an overseas adventure.  He will be researching on our behalf, of course.  We will be expecting fabulous photographs of food and life – and who knows maybe even love…?  He’ll be placing particular emphasis on Street Food, so watch this space.

If you would like to receive our Love and Romance Survey please do send us your email address and we’ll send the survey to you FREE.  We would like to have available the best survey of this kind, so we welcome your suggestions and comments.  We also have another book in the TAKE MY WORD FOR IT – IT’S LOVE series, called IT’S LOVE AND IT’S A BUSINESS.  Here’s a taste of the introduction…

“We think love is fluid and random.  We think it doesn't fit the rules.  We don't manage or plan it or monitor it's progress.  We don't have break even points or exit strategies.  We don't have short, medium and long-term goals.

But what if we did? What if we didn't just run up debt and then feign surprise when the 'books don't balance' in our relationships? What if we handled our relationships like we manage our businesses?  What an adventure that could be!   

I am a firm believer in planning, goals and growth in business, and in life.  I am now going to explore the concept of managing our love like a business, combining love and planning, romance and the bottom line: - exploring bonuses, delegation, promotion, fringe benefits and more.

Come along on this journey and see if you can increase the benefits, profit, satisfaction and success of your relationship – just like you'd want for your business.” 

TAKE MY WORD FOR IT – IT’S LOVE BUSINESS isn’t just a list of words without a purpose.  I'd like you to see it as a game that can help you add substance and fun to your relationship.  I'd like you to use it as a tool for growth.  Apply some of these concepts to deal with 'issues' differently, to take a lighter fun approach to whatever you would like to improve or cultivate.  
Don’t forget that MAILBOX is absolutely free and such a good thing to receive or give to a friend.  A snippet each week day on Food, Life and Love.  Just the thing to get the best out of life.  

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Banana Clafouti - Simple and delicious with banana... And only 5 ingredients!
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