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How To Choose Your Dog
Choose your dog for a lifetime of JOY!
Choose your dog for a lifetime of JOY!

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New profile photo!

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The Japanese Akita is a striking and protective guardian, extremely loyal to family but aloof with strangers. Not a dog for the faint hearted. Can be a wonderful dog in the right hands. New Akita breed profile just up! #dogbreeds #dogbreedprofiles   #akita

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My day today : Walked the dogs very early, sorted out the gas leak, took the dogs on a training walk, worked on another breed profile (soon to be uploaded), received a delivery of 2 heaters for the conservatory, and now I feel like Pip!

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Dear Affenpinscher enthusiasts (and anyone who wants one) - I've just loaded a new 'Affen' breed profile on the website.  I'd love comments, especially if I've missed something!

Off to dog training this afternoon! 

We're heading for The Crown and Mitre in Bampton with the 'kids'. Tomorrow we have a full day with Janet Ardley of Cumbria Dog Training learning some new skills.

Training a dog is a lifelong commitment, and something many owners never bargain for when they choose a dog. Some dogs are a lot easier to train than others, and this is something would-be owners also forget! People go all 'awwwww' over a cute puppy or dog and totally forget that THEY have to do the programming. Pip might be cute, and sweet, but he has some serious wrinkles to iron out, as do the others to a lesser degree. So we are off for some specialist education.

When anyone comes to choosing a dog, the amount of effort to train and socialise them properly is something they need to seriously consider. And they also need to consider whether they are willing to invest the effort and money using a professional dog trainer.

I know a lot about dogs, but some dogs take more effort than others.   We need some specialist help with Pip The Naughty Lurcher, so we are all going together!

I'm hoping to get my free e-course loaded on my website today. It's going to be a combination of video and text because I know you all like to learn differently. I'd love to get some honest feedback so if you'd like to road test the course, just say 'YES' in the comments box!

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I've just had a lovely conversation with Fiona Bennett and Rosanna Louise Frett on Facebook about dog allergies. I've listed all the breeds recommended by the national Kennel Clubs worldwide as potentially suitable for people with dog allergies. If you have a dog allergy, I can help you choose one! Here they are

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I'm updating the website.  The free e-course is nearly finished and I've been making the site clearer and easier to use. I'd love to get some comments on it so please drop me a line!

Yesterday I finished the e-course book. I now have to turn this into a course on the website. Today I took the 'kids' for an early walk and am now working on the website, improving the layout and menu options and sorting out the e-course. Lots to do!

Over the next few days I will be sharing snippets of my new and improved quick start guide to choosing a dog via posts on my blog. This guide is designed as a simple e -course to be completed stage by stage. It's totally free, so if you are thinking of getting a dog soon keep an eye out. If you know someone who this guide might help, please share my page and ask them to join me here. Keep your eyes peeled and please let me know what you think!
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