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Just a reminder of how great this posting is.

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This is my life right now ... 
Changing someone else's code: how it looks vs. how it feels

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I did, and it was not a good experience.

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When you work in a programming language with pointers, you soon learn of the kinds of mischief that can follow from having more than one way to access the same memory (aliases).   Python has no explicit pointers, but there are still opportunities for a Python program to get into trouble with more than one way to access the same memory.

Here's a link to a blog article I wrote about an annoying little bug I discovered in my code for a homework problem.  I had a heck of a time explaining what was going on and was delighted once I figured it out.  At least now I know what to look out for.

+Cox Communications has resolved my problem with a faulty billing - of an unreturned equipment fee for a wireless modem that I purchased - to my complete satisfaction, by immediately processing the correction. Good customer service from them - acknowledge the mistake, and fix it. Now, our new networking provider . . . remains to be seen. 

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Well, here's a bold-faced lie: 

While agreeing to the fine, Marriott on Friday defended the practice of jamming guests’ own Wi-Fi networks. The company said this wasn’t aimed at charging guests extra for Internet access but about protecting its network. It said the hotel’s actions were legal and encouraged the FCC to change its rules ‘‘to eliminate the ongoing confusion’’ and ‘‘to assess the merits of its underlying policy.’’

Whoever from the company said this is lying through their teeth - guests using their own cell-to-WiFi hotspots are NOT using the hotel's network, while those forced to use the hotel's own WiFi ARE using the hotel's network - so encouraging guests to use their own cell-to-WiFi hotspots would actually INCREASE the security of their network.

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Very interesting...

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New feature in Slate: Kern Your Enthusiasm.

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Donald Mastronarde is looking for enhancement requests for the GreekKeys keyboards and fonts:


Announcement: the next version of GreekKeys keyboards and fonts
September 16, 2014
During 2015 I will be working on updates to the GreekKeys keyboards and fonts. The major goals are to create modern (signed) installers and to add Linear B characters to New Athena Unicode font. In addition an effort will be made to circumvent the many obstacles that Microsoft Windows and Word for Windows create by hard-coding certain key combinations that override the keyboard design. The possibility of an iOS version of the keyboard will also be explored. The OpenType substitution features of the fonts may be revised (from liga to ccmp).
As this will be the last revision of GreekKeys that I intend to work on, I would like to satisfy as many desiderata of users as possible during this process. I encourage users to contact me in the next few months if they have any suggestions or requests, especially under the following headings:
*   Are there particular additional Unicode characters that you would like to see in New Athena Unicode (or in all the fonts, that is, including AttikaU, BosporosU, and KadmosU)?

*   Are there particular additional Unicode characters that you would like to be able to enter from the GreekKeys keyboard?
Finally, it would be most useful to have beta testers. If you want to volunteer, let me know.
Donald Mastronarde,
GreekKeys support:

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Via +Laura Gibbs . TM: Technological Meditation.
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