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Hoping to meet some locals while I am in town for the ND/MI game, please stop by!
Join Niantic Labs' +Lenette Posada Howard before the big pep rally at Legends of Notre Dame this Friday at 5PM. Share your Scanner suggestions and feedback, and meet Agents face-to-face. All Agents are welcome.


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ok all my iphone friends, here is what you have been waiting for... #ingressRecruits

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+Jason ShutUpAndEat Our newest partner's name says it all. Follow along as they look under pot lids, lick spoons, and uncover the hidden gem restaurants in Montreal, Canada. With Field Trip in your pocket, you're never lost. #keepexploring 

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Who doesn't need a "life changer"

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Definitely #PortalGems I would love to visit
Hi again! +NIA Ops 

I have found a #PortalGem in Cerro Largo, Uruguay, well, in fact, i think i have found two.

"La Posta del Chuy" is quite an important place here in Uruguay, it was built in 1855 as a hostal for travelers that traveled between the city of Melo (my home city by the way) and "Villa Artigas" (Today known as "Rio Branco"), a journey that at that time could take up to 20 days.

If you wanted to cross the bridge over the river "Chuy del Tacuarí" you had to pay a fee to itś owners, this was the first Public Works Concession in Uruguay.

Both the bridge and the hostal are considered unique buildings in Latin America and they have been declared as a National Historical Monument.

I have submitted two portal candidates, the bridge and the main building that now is a museum, a must-see place to anyone that comes to Cerro Largo, i have a vaste colection of photos that I will add to the portals as soon as they get accepted, I definitely think they deserve to be #PortalGems.

More information (in english) about "La Posta del Chuy" can be found on Wikipedia, and here:

The coordinates are: -32.382380,-54.029416

Have a nice day!
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Since its inauguration in 1983, strange and wonderful things have been growing in Toronto's Sculpture Garden. 

The small park exhibits temporary works of art by various sculptors, and commissions works up to a maximum budget of $20,000.

...Just another find on Field Trip: #keepexploring  

Love this photo? We got it from #art   #scuplture   #toronto  

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1.47 available on the play store...
Scanner v1.47.0 has been released to all Agents and displays Portal photos when selecting dropped Portal Keys. New recruits will see updated Agent Training as they work to level up. And Verification is supported in Germany and Japan.

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Great turnout!

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#PortalAppeals we're listening...
Agents, thank you for your diligence in escalating #PortalAppeals. We have opened a new, dedicated community to facilitate better discussions surrounding #PortalAppeals. Please join us in our new community!
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