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Good post.  Not sure I like all the changes - changing the icons presented makes some sense, but I would not have used the 3 dot or the check mark (maybe an X instead as it's just a 'close' action).  

I do like that this pattern is being experimented with though as I think it has some promise.

Other than for reasons of experiment, why go with this ribbon menu in the delicious app when you have just 2 items instead of using a drop-down spinner in the action bar? 
I'm not sure about three dots either, I tried other things but didn't like them any better. I haven't tried a right caret though, may try that.

As I (ab)use ActionMode you have to use the checkmark, it would probably be better to implement the hiding of the ActionBar yourself.

I had working spinner navigation implemented but wondered how a sliding menu would look so I tried and liked it. Spinner navigation has the same back stack issues as this pattern. The old code is here:
nice work and thanks for making it open source.  I have been working on a ribbon menu but wish to support api 8 and above.  Any advice on how to do this?  Have you tried this?  I am using a "fake" action bar on pre-honeycomb devices similar to the google IO app.
Really good post and your idea for the icon (menu image on the left of the icon) is the best we can have. The user will know it's a menu and we keep also the "Home feeling" we had before
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