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Let me introduce my first open source library. It helps you manage downloading and displaying images from the web!

The API is simple yet powerful, letting you use your images how you want without any assumptions. It doesn't even assume you're going to be using _ImageView_'s (though there is a helper for that).

The library was born out of the need to do transformations on images and properly cache those which WebImageLoader does really well. It also supports reusing requests if you load the same image multiple times!

Currently in use by the Wrapp Android app:

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Blog post about the sliding menu pattern that has been popular recently and how I implemented it:


App here:
Source here:

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I'm getting somewhere :)

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Someone forgot to update the EditText error icon, it's pixelated :( +Roman Nurik +Android Developers

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Wrote a blog post about app navigation and how Spotify and Facebook handles it.

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Go grab your invite!

Waiting for my Galaxy Tab 10.1
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