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Pointguard AB
Pointguard is an innovative Swedish company focusing on developing, marketing and distributing smart taxi roof signs, iToplights
Pointguard is an innovative Swedish company focusing on developing, marketing and distributing smart taxi roof signs, iToplights


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Profiling becomes ever so important when the Finnish taxi market deregulates

The Finnish taxi market is about to deregulate and for Finnish taxi companies profiling will become more important than ever. On a competitive market the branding of your taxi company is essential. Legendary marketing expert Hans Brindfors rightfully said: "The taxi roof sign is what makes people notice and remember a taxi company brand", and we couldn't agree more.

Together with our Finnish partner Titec Oy (, we have already started helping Finnish taxi companies stand out from the crowd with new taxi roof lights. We can help your company too! There are plenty of models in Pointguard's wide range of taxi roof lights that can be modified with your custom branding to help your taxi fleet look great. Based on your requirements and wishes we can also make a completely unique, custom roof light for your company.

No matter which of our roof signs you choose, you can be sure that it's made of high quality plastics, has durable low-energy led-lighting and that we can provide a fixing solution for any car model.

Pointguard has more than 40 years' experience of making taxi roof signs and you won't find anyone anywhere with the same dedication and interest in taxi roof signs. Check out Pointguard's extensive range of taxi roof sign products: or contact Pointguard today at and let us help you highlight your brand!

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New business for Pointguard in the Middle East

Recently Emirates Transport decided to choose Pointguard's iToplight D-500 for their new taxi fleet in Abu Dhabi. The D-500 has already been on airport and smart taxis in Abu Dhabi for several years and after becoming the role model for the new regulations the Pointguard's D-500 is now also making its way onto the Silver taxis.

Since February Cars Taxi in Dubai are running a Total Taxi Solution that Pointguard has presented together with three Dutch partner companies (Cabman, TaxiID and TaxiButler). The solution offers all the state of the art hardware and software that you need to digitize your taxi fleet and maintain it in the most efficient manner.

Government owned Mwasalat in Oman are introducing a new taxi fleet for which they need a modern taxi management system. Therefore over 20 contenders recently competed in a big tender to deliver the best taxi solution. The Total Taxi Solution mentioned above could offer the best technology and value for Mwasalat and won the tender against the extensive competition.

The largest taxi company in Dubai (Dubai Taxi) has started a full integration with Pointguard's smart roof signs and is currently testing both the iToplight D-100 and D-200 models.

"We are glad to have come this far and after having many iToplights out in Abu Dhabi for several years we know that they withstand the extreme UAE climate also in the long term. It feels great to let our smart roof signs be a part of the Smart city puzzle in Dubai" says Pointguard's CEO, Jesper Flygt in a comment.

Pointguard wants to make your taxi business smarter too! Contact us at or +4618 512020 to learn how.

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Visit Pointguard at Public Transport 2016

As usual Pointguard will exhibit at the Swedish Public Transport Fair, the natural meeting point for the Swedish taxi industry. This year the fair is held 18-20 October at The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg. In Pointguard's stand we will show our digital taxi roof signs (iToplights), show their smart features and tell about the ongoing work with connecting them to the Pointguard Cloud. We also show many different models of traditiontal taxi toplights as well as school children warning signs and our taxi security camera, the TS2.

In our stand we are also showcasing the popular taxi booking device Taxi Butler, which is very popular all over Europe and which also has received a warm welcome in Sweden.

Come visit us in stand C03:21 at Public Transport 2016 and discuss taxi roof signs and other things that create added value for the taxi industry.

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Pointguard makes new roof signs for Scandinavia's largest taxi company

On request from Cabonline Group the brand expert Hans Brindfors and Pointguard have developed a new taxi roof sign for Taxi Kurir. Taxi Kurir is the largest taxi organization in Scandinavia and is represented in more than 230 cities in Sweden, Norway (Norgestaxi) and Denmark (Dantaxi).
The roof sign has an easily distinguishable, green LED-zone which is visible from all angles and communicates the taxi status. Similar "vacant-zones" were also used in the new roof signs of Cabonline Group's other taxi companies: Topcab and Taxi Skåne and they also share the same sober, black color. The new Taxi Kurir sign however has its own, unique design with contrasting illuminated zones using the brand colors white and blue. The sign is slightly elevated over the roof and with Pointguard's special magnet fixing it looks like it is almost flying on top of the roof. Doesn't it look great?!

The taxi roof sign is the perhaps most visible and efficient way to communicate your taxi brand. Do you also want your brand to be highlighted by a unique, great looking roof sign? Contact Pointguard at: or +4618512020 and we'll help you become outstanding!

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Taxi Butler is now available for most Swedish taxi companies

The popular taxi booking device - Taxi Butler - Book a taxi with one click is now integrated with four of the most common taxi software suppliers in Scandinavia: Frogne, Halda, Taxisystem and Taxibokning. This means that most Swedish taxi companies now can get more rides by using the clever device.

Taxi Butler is available in more than 34 countries worldwide and is so popular because it provides the quickest and most hassle-free taxi booking for venues that frequently book taxis. Typical ideal locations are hotels, restaurants and bars, but also private company front desks. By placing a Butler connected to your taxi company you make sure that customers travel with you instead of your competitors. Statistics from Holland clearly shows that taxi companies that use Taxi Butlers increase their number of bookings.

The pricing model is competitive and simple - you only pay a low, fixed monthly fee which includes everything. No booking fees, data fees or other hidden fees- it can't be simpler!

Now both the Butler itself and the administration web portal are available in Swedish too!

Contact Pointguard at or +46 18 512020 for more information on how to order your Butlers!

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Pointguard delivers new roof signs to Cabonline Group

In cooperation with the famous Swedish brand expert Hans Brindfors Pointguard has developed new taxi roof lights for Cabonline Group, Scandinavia's largest taxi fleet with more than 5500 vehicles. The first new roof lights were developed for Taxi Skåne and TOPCAB, both part of Cabonline Group's new concept "T". Cabonline Group describes T as "a concept that will be available in many Nordic large cities, easily recognized by the common look of all vehicles, specially trained drivers and with the possibility to book and pay using the same app, regardless of which city you are in. T is for both private customers and businesses that value quality and reliability".

The design of the new roof lights is truly unique and the new shape required a completely new construction. A perfect challenge for Pointguard's development team that managed to take the roof light from idea to finished product in a very tight timeframe.

"T is an interesting, and very good looking new concept and we are happy for getting the chance to work together with such an experienced and talented brand expert as Hans", says Jesper Flygt, CEO of Pointguard.

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Yet another driving institute chooses roof signs from Pointguard

Pointguard's new roof sign (Euroline) has become very popular with driving institutes and now Fujairah National Driving Institute in Fujairah, UAE also has chosen the Euroline for it's great quality, aerodynamic shape and good looks. The Euroline is made of high-quality plastic with great resistance to both scratches and UV-light. The plastics parts are produced in Sweden (in the same factory that produces parts for the world famous Swedish supercar Koenigsegg!) and the Euroline is illuminated using Pointguard's own LED-modules to be really visible and appealing also at night. Although the base is orange in the picture it is available in a multitude of colors when ordered in larger quantities.

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Christmas and New Years are approaching fast and we look back on an exciting year. More of Pointguard's iToplights (digital taxi roof signs) have found their way out on the markets and we have seen interest for them from all around the globe. We are excited to see that now also authorities and policy makers have started to become aware of all the new possibilities that Pointguard's digital taxi roof signs open up. Smart roof signs are a natural part of any Smart City, this will become more evident in the coming year!

2015 was the year when the Internet of Things (IoT) became huge in media and here at Pointguard we are all in on it. We have made some important strategic partnerships in the area and during the coming year we are intensifying our work with connected and smart products.

We would like to thank all customers, suppliers and partners for another great year! These are exciting times and we look forward to all the good things we can achieve together in the future.

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Pointguard is exhibiting at the Swedish Taxi Association's yearly congress and conference in Väsby, Stockholm. Come join us for a talk about the future of taxi roof signs!

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New 3D printer @ Pointguard Labs
As many of you might already know Pointguard is a devoted partner when it comes to product development. We use an iterative development process that includes frequent rapid prototyping with techniques as SLA, SLS, 3D-printing, silicon molding, etc. This enables us and our clients to evaluate and improve the product already in the early development stages, which leads to shorter lead times and better products.
Now Pointguard Labs have been reinforced with a large scale 3D-printer. The new Wanhao Duplicator 5S Steel ExoFrame boasts a massive build volume of 305mm x 205mm x 575mm and prints with speeds up to 300 mm/s.
"With this new printer we can test new ideas directly and we are able to create components also for bigger prototypes ourselves.", says Kalle Flygt, head of product development at Pointguard.
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