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Trying to decide on the best Linux Distro for my situation. Ubuntu simply is too much for my old system (though I'd like the eye-candy), Mint seems nice as does Bodhi, Puppy seems to be best for a 1.2GHz w/ 768MB RAM, but not as customizable as I'd like. Thoughts/Suggestions? Mahalo!
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I'm a big fan of OpenSuSE. I don't care much for Ubuntu because of Gnome, Kubuntu uses KDE... both both distros don't have the tools I like, it's built on Debian, which is a solid distro but not exactly user friendly. Mint is just a nicer packaging of Ubuntu/Debian.

I'd recommend an older version of SuSE if the h/w is really slow. Latest version is 11.4. I've also played with fedora but loathe the desktop (gnome) and have turned my nose up at red hat pretty much since the mid-90s. Not impressed.

In the corporate world the two big players are SuSE and RH, however SuSE got it's foot shot off by Novell when they made a pact with the devil. Now that Attachmate bought Novell, well, Microsoft, they've exiled SuSE back to Germany where there is a good chance it will recover it's original glory. I'm running versions 10.1 through 11.4 on about five or six systems... flawless... although KDE misbehaves and I've taken a liking to Xcfe (desktop).
Thanks for the insight John. Is it mostly GNOME & KDE that you don't particularly care for, or is it more the underpinnings?

You also mention the lack of enjoying the tools that come w/ Ubuntu flavors. What pray-tell are some of your faves (w/ a quick synopsis of their function would be most appreciated)?

[Fairly new to the land of the penguins, I've grown up a Redmond boy]
KDE is ok, but I had trouble with one version of SuSE so I switched desktops... there are many desktops... and you can change them... you have a lot of options...

All Linux is built on the same Kernel... distributions are just the way the bits and pieces are assembled and distributed, if you check out you'll see many, many distros... and there will be links explaining and reviewing...

The underlying system is still Linux, but some distros will make it easier to install and configure.

Desktops are distinct from the distribution... two primary players, Gnome and KDE... Xcfe and a few others are "lighter weight" versions, all based on X-windows...

I have tons of info, training material, pictures of older installs, scripts, how tos, etc. at: see also and for scripts, html, sys admin info, etc... have some msinfo up there as well... been teaching linux/unix since about 1994.

BTW, SuSE is the oldest, first commercial distro, around 1992. German company.

I recommend downloading OpenSuSE 11.4 and allowing it to configure a dual-boot system on your system. Install both KDE and Gnome desktops... of course you can go back in and update and add more by the same process as installing or through YAST - yet another system tool... (we love our acronyms, and they all mean something , unlike the very uncreative types in redmond who steal, buy or "borrow" from those that really innovate... ;) Much of the underpinnings of Dos and even windows came from UNIX and other systems... but you'll have to take my operating system course to get the full details... :)

just kidding, but it really is a full quarter's worth of info to talk about it...
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