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Tumpek Uduh Bali
#tumpekuduhpengatag #tumpekuduhbali  
An expression of gratitude for the grace of healthy plants in sustaining life on Earth.

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Pantai Rangkan Bali
This is a beautiful black sand beach accompanied with beautiful panoramas, lush paddy fields, and green vegetation.

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Gumicik Beach Bali
#gumicikbali #gumicikketewel #pantaigumicikketewel #gumicikbeachbali
This beach offering natural beauty, strong waves, more relaxing atmosphere and peaceful rural environment

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Purnama Beach Bali
#purnamabeachbali #pantaipurnamabali #pantaipurnamagianyarbali  
The beach offers a relaxed atmosphere, away from the bustle, and is supported by green rice paddies and peaceful rural environment.

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Ketewel Beach
#ketewelbali #ketewelbeachbali #ketewelbalisurf
This beach has a panoramic view, beautiful landscape with beautiful black sand exposed to sunrise, and also great and powerful waves.

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Lembeng Beach Bali
#lembengbeachbali #lembengsurf  
The beach is blessed by the breathtaking view, the peaceful atmosphere and romantic nuance in particular sunset.

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Saba Beach Bali
#sababeachbali #sababeachhorseriding #turtleconservationinbali #sukeluihsuunkidultemple
The beach is indeed a romantic place with a panoramic view of the beach, palm trees, rontal, and Bali Mountain backdrop that harmoniously blends with the clouds and blue sky.

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Pura Lempuyang Luhur Bali
#puralempuyang #puralempuyangluhur #puralempuyangluhurbali
The temple area has a cool climate, often foggy, surrounded by beautiful panorama, and blanketed by thick spiritual nuances.

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Telaga Waja River Bali
#telagawajabali #telagawajariverrafting #telagawajawhitewaterraftingbali

The flow of small to medium waves, whitewater, and rocks will pump up the adrenaline and make your heart beat faster!

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Tedung Bali
#tedungbali #baliceremonialumbrella
Tedung is typically used for auspicious occasion to adorn the temple compounds, transforming it from everyday items into sacred artifacts of ceremony.
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