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Corra Liew
Wired Chinese Knot Handmade Jewelry, Fine Artisan Handmade Jewelry and Wire Jewelry Tutorial in Malaysia Since December 2007.
Wired Chinese Knot Handmade Jewelry, Fine Artisan Handmade Jewelry and Wire Jewelry Tutorial in Malaysia Since December 2007.

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Corra Liew on PIN Prestige Malaysia, September 2016 Issue
“资历和资格,是一步一步慢慢累积的。让作品去说话就好了。” Honored to be featured in September issue of Malaysia 品 Pin Prestige magazine for being a Malaysian Handmade Jewelry artist . I've shared how I have came about making jewelry and what I have learned and earned from building thi...

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Malaysia Wire Jewelry Fan Shaped Earjacket Earrings - Ice Fantasy
Completed this 2 days ago. This is yet another earjacket earrings that you could wear it in several arrangements. I will demonstrate how it can be worn/arranged in this post! 💋 So you could attach the bottom part of the earjacket behind your earlobe,  the ...

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Video Tutorial for Handmade Ear Jacket Earrings, Wire Wrapped Jewelry Malaysia
Visit this website to download complete Handmade Ear Jacket Tutorial . Testing the new workstation setup for filming the process of making. I have many jewelry designs but this is one of the most loved design by my private friends network. (Many pairs still...

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Wire Crochet Conceptual Jewelry by Sowon Joo
It's been awhile since anything caught my eyes at all, so when I saw these, I can't wait to have it mentioned on my blog, people, meet Sowon Joo from Sowon Joo Studio ! In her artist statement 2016 , excerpt: "In particular, a lot of my work, especially aft...

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I Miss Making Jewelry
Missed seeing people, missed having a cuppa alone, missed making jewelry. They said you sleep lesser as you aged, but I struggles big time to get out of the bed everyday. I know, I'd spent too much time staring at both my sleeping babies angelic faces throu...

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80% OF Wire Jewelry Tutorial, Ending Soon
ending soon - 80% OFF Wire Jewelry Tutorial  PIPA:  Silver Lace Earrings:  Earjacket earrings:  Serena Studs:  Rosabella Pendant:

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de Cor's Handmades is on Sin Chew Daily today
On Sin Chew Daily today, thanks for the wonderful write up. Will update this post when the content became available on their page.  :)

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Tour to My Jewelry Making Studio
I meant to post this for a long time, but everything else in life are keeping me busy. Today I am showing you my work desk, a place where I made most of my jewelry. I know, it's too clean / neat / tidy for jewelry making, but please understand that I have t...

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Handmade Motherdaughter Tutu
Right after I completed and shipped my last batch of custom orders (4 PIPA Bangles ) , i took one week break from making jewelry to making tutu for my 3 years old and myself! Cause my son has turned 1 year old (I know, how did that happened, right?) and we ...

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Gold Bowtie and Bow Headband for little girl
Wire Crochet using Yoola Cuff Tutorial , only very slight variation. :) Gold bowtie ( men jewelry ) and bow jewelry headband for girls .
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