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I am now posting over on +Lisa-Marie Pierre hope you connect with me over there!
I am now posting over on +Lisa-Marie Pierre hope you connect with me over there!

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FYI: I'm moving from this Google+ account to  +Lisa-Marie Pierre. I had many posts, photos, and circles over here, but unfortunately Google currently only allows the transfer of circles. I'm starting fresh over on +Lisa-Marie Pierre , but feel free browse my old posts over here. Maybe one day I will be able to transfer them over. 

I created a new gmail account and want to have Google+ connected with that account. Anyone know if there is a way to transfer my account (posts, images, circles) to that new email address or do I just have to switch back and forth between accounts? 

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Today, I read a Wall Street Journal article on moving a career search online. Reading through the article brought back memories of my own job search efforts.

When I finished graduate school, it took me almost 2 years to find permanent work. I was getting plenty of freelance gigs, but it was inconsistent. One month I might have had 8 clients, then I would go two months with not one client. I would spend hours searching online for job postings and applied to hundreds of jobs.

I was so in need of consistent pay, that I even applied for a newspaper delivery gig (can you believe it?!?). When I couldn’t even get hired as a newspaper delivery person, I knew I had to switch up my strategy, but I wasn’t sure how.

I’ve always been active in my community and decided to fill up my spare time with volunteer work. I got involved with the LI Small Farm Summit as a communications volunteer and interacted with many community members and leaders. A random conversation with another volunteer, led to a lunch meeting, which eventually led me to my work at Hofstra University, which has been such a great experience.

I’ve read many advice articles that suggest networking events as a sure way to get job leads, but over the years, I’ve had my best success volunteering. The people I have volunteered with are CEOS, educators, small business owners, and more; all these people have connections. When you get involved with community projects, you get to showcase your skills and personality without seeming pressed for a job.

Get involved with your community and network in a different way, because I can attest that many jobs are not publicly advertised and who knows maybe like in my case, a position will be created just to suit your talents.

Anyone else find that searching for a job or opportunity is best done offline?

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Hofstra University is hosting a sustainability conference March 7 to 9, 2013. Sessions will include topics on Hurricane Sandy, education, transportation, public health, etc.  Keynote speakers include Dr. Robert Bullard, the father of the environmental justice movement, Dr. Burrell Montz, severe storm expert, and William Fulton, smart growth expert. Visit the website for more information on how to register!

March 7 to 9, at Hofstra University, join academics, practitioners, and community leaders for an interdisciplinary discussion about sustainability that bridges the environmental, economic, and social spheres within complex urban regions.

Keynote speakers:

Dr. Robert Bullard, Dean, Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs, Texas Southern University will discuss how to achieve livable communities for all.

Mr. William Fulton, Vice President and Director of Policy, Development and Implementation, Smart Growth America, will discuss how cities and states pursue prosperity.

Dr. Burrell Montz, Chair, Department of Geography, East Carolina University, will discuss severe storms in suburbia and setbacks to sustainability.

In addition to these keynote addresses, the conference will include presentations of cutting-edge research in the areas of Hurricane Sandy, public health, architecture, economics, education, and more.

Registration and program:

Anyone know of a program/website that will allow me to go through my Google + circles (new and old connections), so I can delete and add people? I don't know if I am doing it wrong, but I find it difficult to comb through my list and it is overwhelming. 

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Interruption is the death of me. When I am working on a project, I'm secluded and focused. I get so wrapped up, I often forget to eat and bathroom breaks are a nuisance. When people interrupt me, I get extremely irritated because I know I get distracted easily. In this article by +Steve Pavlina  he discusses how interruptions by people or technology disrupt productivity to the point that projects get unfinished, contain more errors, and take longer to complete. How do you deal with interruptions?

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Global warming was a key issue 43 years ago. 43 years is a long time to not have made any major policy or industry changes.
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