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Richard Devine
Recovering retail worker, now doing something I love!
Recovering retail worker, now doing something I love!

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Eating my protein pills and putting my helmet on.

A true music icon has gone back to the universe that let us borrow him for just a little while. 

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Having plenty of fun this evening
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Just got my Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars set.

Not even trying to pass it off as being for my kid. It's for me. All of it.

So long, Lemmy.

You mad bastard. No one will ever forget. 

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And so it begins. I own a fair amount of Beatles already. But nowhere near this amount.

Christmas Eve is going to be a great sounding day. 

So once America sees Star Wars tonight we can start talking it about it, yeah?

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This one's headed my way right now. Looking forward to checking it out. On paper at least it's got a lot to say about itself. 
Oppo's recently announced R7s Android smartphone will be on sale in Europe from December 1. Interested buyers will be able to pick one up from the official OppoStyle online store and in the UK, Germany and France through Amazon. ...

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I just completed a move to Dell from Apple and honestly, I'm fine.

It's not like Apple ever had a security scare or anything...

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Finally got my own one of these. So good.

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Spoiler: I really like it.

I don't care what anyone else on the Internet says. 
Or the tale of how an ex-BlackBerry fanatic fell in love with the company all over again. I used to be a huge fan of BlackBerry. I know I'm not alone, and that many who frequent Android Central – both writer and reader alike – have been in the same position in a bygone smartphone era. I used them…
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